Plan with our 3D kitchen planner

By Kaboodle

Design your kitchen in our 3D kitchen planner, try different doors, colours and benchtops!

Whether you’re building a new home or looking to renovate, our kaboodle 3D kitchen planner will pour all of your creative ideas into the one place – to virtually build your dream kitchen.

The kaboodle 3D kitchen planner features our range of colours and profiles so you can visualise and select your favourite combinations for your soon-to-be kitchen. The planner allows you to replicate your current kitchen space, including window and door locations, wall angles, fitted lights, fixtures, furniture and appliances, so you can accurately design, and visualise your space. 

Another fantastic feature of the planner is that it has the capacity to change viewpoints; 2D to 3D, top to front, left to right. During the design process, a 2D floor plan will allow you to see exactly where you’re placing your products. Once you’ve designed your kitchen, the 3D floorplan will allow you to see all the different aspects of the kitchen clearly. 

Once you’ve finished designing your space, the 3D planner will put together a shopping list for you, containing all of your selected items. This shopping list acts as a guided estimate for the total cost of your kitchen. You can save your design and shopping list for later or, you can print it out and take it to your local Bunnings store where they can help you complete your order.

See your ideas come to life with the kaboodle 3D kitchen planner.

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