How to measure your space

By Kaboodle

The first step to planning your new kitchen is understanding the space you have to work with so you know how much you can fit in.

flat pack kitchens project management - measure your space
Measuring your space diagram for you to follow.

Start by measuring your kitchen accurately, remembering to measure and mark:

a. The height of the room from the floor to the ceiling/bulkhead

b. The length and width of the room wall to wall and/or wall to doorways (measure 
to the outside of the architrave)

c. The height from the floor to any windows to ensure that cabinets and benchtops fit

d. The location of any old or new light switches or power points

e. The location of existing service points such as plumbing and electricity or any new points

f. Any other permanent fixtures such as balustrades or pillars etc.

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