soft close drawer runners


soft close drawer runners

Soft Close Drawer Runners

Soft close drawer runners are the perfect way to bring a tactile and complete finish to your dream kitchen space. Perfect for avoiding unexpectedly hard closes and potential damage, our drawer runners are designed with durable, smooth and silent ball bearing slides. 

Made to pair with all of kaboodle’s drawers and cabinets, our drawer runners are backed by our 10-year warranty. Refer to the Warranty Statement for the full terms and conditions.

Draw Slides and More with kaboodle

Available as a set (W-50610) or as a pack of six sets (W-50611), our soft close drawer runners are just the touch you need for your kitchen. Whether you’re simply looking for a refresh, or looking to build an entirely new kitchen, high-quality drawer slides are an elegant way of lending an unseen but significant detail to the functionality of your kitchen space.

The smooth and satisfying tactile addition of soft-close drawer runners can be the detail that completes the picture. Complete the look of your new kitchen with a cut to measure benchtop fitting your space perfectly and maintaining the high quality that soft close runners deliver. It’s the finer details that let you bring together the kitchen space you’ve always wanted.

Build a beautiful kitchen space that is entirely yours with kaboodle. We have everything you need to get started and make that dream kitchen space of yours a reality.

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