non-slip drawer liner


non-slip drawer liner

Non-Slip Drawer Liner

Non-slip drawer liners are the perfect way to bring ease and comfort to using your kitchen. The perfect kitchen storage solution, non-slip drawer mats are just the thing to give the surfaces of your cabinets extra cushion and grip.

Line your drawers and shelves with cut-to-size non-slip drawer mats. Perfectly versatile and designed to limit the movement of any items you have in storage, these mats come in 500mm x 1500mm rolls that you can cut yourself to  match the unique shapes of your kitchen storage spaces.

Round out your storage

Non-slip drawer liners are just one part of creating beautiful and tactile storage solutions in your kitchen. At kaboodle we also stock soft close drawer runners that are a smooth, silent and durable solution designed enhance elegance and improve the utility of your kitchen storage. Coming in packs of six and backed by a 10-year warranty, like so many of our products at kaboodle.

Build Your Dream Kitchen with kaboodle

At kaboodle, we take pride in giving our customers access to the things they need to plan, build and finish the kitchen space they have always wanted. Non-slip drawer liners are just one part of a bigger picture. We stock a full and diverse range of products that you can use to put together exactly the sort of kitchen space you have always wanted.

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