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kaboodle kitchen egg white simple
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Egg White

Egg white is a brilliantly versatile finish that looks both striking and right at home in a wide variety of kitchen spaces. Easily styled to suit any kitchen, this finish has the power to brighten up your space, impressing you, your family and your guests for years to come.

Build a Timeless White Kitchen

Build your own brilliant and strikingly white kitchen space with our durable and striking egg white panels, doors and cabinets. To get the classic and timeless look that we’ve made available to you, we use a process called thermoforming. This means we heat wrap our products in a durable vinyl layer, leaving no exposed edges and achieving a seamless finish. It’s worth noting that our egg white thermoformed products come protected by a top clear wrap that needs to be removed on installation.
Build Your Dream Kitchen with kaboodle

At kaboodle, we take pride in making it possible for homeowners to plan and build their very own kitchen exactly the way they want it. We simplify the DIY kitchen experience by designing all of our products and accessories with the customer in mind. 

When you’re planning your new kitchen, you can do so with the confidence that our products are of the highest quality. Our egg white finished products come with a 10-year warranty that gives our customers the freedom to plan and build as they want to. Refer to the Warranty Statement for full terms & conditions. 

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Get started with kaboodle Today!

Our thermoformed egg white finished products are perfect for those looking to build their own dazzlingly white kitchen. Available in a single modern profile and in various widths, the perfect choice for a versatile and inviting kitchen. Its superior UV resistance and durable high gloss finish make it a choice for those looking to build a kitchen that will look beautiful for years to come.
Get started planning, designing and building your own dream kitchen with kaboodle today! Simply visit your nearest Bunnings today – it’s never been easier to jump right in and achieve a professional level kitchen.

Available for you to buy off the shelf today or order in from our warehouse.

Gloss, Superior UV Resistance

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