450mm pantry pullout baskets 6 tier


450mm pantry pullout baskets 6 tier

Your pantry is often the most frequently used storage space in your kitchen, so it needs to be one of the most accessible. You can maximise the space in your pantry with our DIY 450mm pullout pantry baskets. Whether your pantry is really deep or contains hard to reach spaces, our sliding baskets will ensure everything is easily within reach. Not only can you get creative with the way you organise it, but it’s the ultimate blend of design and functionality in an otherwise small space.

Our 450mm Pantry Pullout Baskets are designed to fit your 450mm Pantry. The unit is installed in place of your adjustable shelves and is designed so that it moves closer to the front of the Pantry as the door opens to allow easy access.

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It comes with 6 adjustable chrome baskets within the pantry that can hold up to 5kgs each and 6 adjustable chrome baskets that attach to the door that can hold up to 3 kgs each. Get yours from your nearest Bunnings today.

Note: Only standard hinges can be used on the Pantry when this unit is installed.


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