pantry cabinets

The perfect solution to your compact storage needs! Our pantries are available in different sizes to suit your kitchen space.

pantry cabinets that are ready to go

Our range of pantry cabinets will add great style to your space and can be a breeze to assemble. We have a wide selection of options for you to choose from that will solve all of your compact storage needs. Can’t find a modular pantry that works for your space? Try our cut to measure range, where you can have your pantry cut to any width between 300-900mm.

mix and match your cabinets

Instead of matching your pantry cabinets to your base cabinets, try coordinating them. You can mix and match styles by combining contrasting pieces and complementing colours to create an overall designer look and feel. Discover the different materials available at kaboodle and create your very own authentic designer style from our range of components, without the expensive price tag.

maximise storage space with wireware

Pantry cabinets can be used in a variety of rooms across your home. From the home office or bedroom to the laundry and kitchen, pantry cabinets are a great way to maximise storage space in any room.

Consider installing wireware to make hard to reach items more accessible. Our range at kaboodle includes features such as height-adjustable baskets, soft close runners, and additional flexibility during installation to suit your storage needs. Whether you’re looking for a technique to keep your spices organised or a unit to keep your washing detergents and liquids in order, wireware is the perfect solution.

customisable cabinets

We are not a strong believer in the phrase, “one size fits all”. That’s why our cut to measure range of cabinets and benchtops allow you to tailor your width down to the exact centimetre, ensuring a perfect fit every time. If you are looking for a cabinet to fit into a tight space, or a benchtop that requires custom-sizing, kaboodle has options that can fit your needs.

A little about us

Kaboodle can make your design dreams a reality. Our range is perfect for people who are looking to carry out their own interior home renovations with everything that they need to achieve their vision. Simply use our website for inspiration and plan what you’ll need for the upcoming project. Order the materials and products that you need, wait for delivery and then get to work putting things together. From there, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your new space.

Shop the range at your nearest Bunnings, and know that set up won’t take long at all. Kaboodle offers Australian customers quality products that are designed to make their lives easier. It’s all about making the process as simple as possible so you can get on with the important things. Find out more by browsing online or organise a consultation with a Bunnings kitchen expert.

Speak to us about kitchen pantry cupboards for your home

At kaboodle, we provide online support to all of our customers, making setting up your new pantry cupboards even easier. This support includes the use of our assembly library, which is full of handy video tutorials, a tools checklist and access to the Mykaboodle community where you can ask questions and get the answers that you need.

We’re confident you’ll find the answers you’re looking for when it comes to setting up our kitchen pantry cabinets. Simple and easy to use, they don’t require any experience or expertise to assemble, just like our cabinet doors and other products. Get yours from your local Bunnings today.

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