Karyn and Pete

By KaboodleKitchenU-Shape

Karyn and Pete undergo a much needed kitchen renovation breathing new life into their Waihi Beach home.

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Before and After Waihi Beach kitchen makeover
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When Karyn and Pete moved in to their new home it was apparent that the kitchen needed a makeover, desperately. The original kitchen had one long bench beneath the window which had the sink and the gas hob on it. There wasn’t a whole lot of useful space. On the opposite wall there was a monolithic pantry, “big cupboard panty’s are something that I’ve never been a fan of, let alone the fact that it was in a ‘lovely’ teal colour” said Karyn. “Don’t get me wrong – I love the colour, in fact it matched our new sofa perfectly but in the southwest facing space it was just way too much, and made the room too dark.”

The rest of the kitchen was made up of mismatched cupboards and benches, with unusual gaps in between them. Karyn and Pete had a good idea of what they wanted to achieve thanks to the help of Pinterest, and drew a little sketch before going to see what Bunnings had to offer. After having a look around they sat down with Joanne – a Bunnings team member, and nutted out the details. “It was so quick and easy with Joanne’s help", Karyn added.

They then placed their order at Bunnings which was delivered in flat pack boxes. “I had so much fun putting it together in our garage, with the help of family members and then the required professionals it all came together”, Pete said. “We are so very pleased with the result and I just love working in the space now, whereas before I would cringe whenever I had to go in there."

“Now we have so much storage and bench space and everything is so convenient. It is my favourite room in the house, in fact for the first few weeks of it being finished Pete and I couldn’t stop looking at it”, Karyn expressed.

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