laundry storage cabinet solutions - Annette’s story

By KaboodleLaundryStraight Line

Did you know you can use kaboodle base and wall cabinets to renovate your laundry space? Have a read through Annette’s laundry makeover below!

Annette wanted to refresh her laundry, and accomplished it with kaboodle.

Annette wanted to renovate her laundry space and came across the kaboodle ad on TV which captured her attention. She then headed over to her local Bunnings to look at the kaboodle offer and got all the advice she needed before proceeding with anything.
Here’s her story…
“The length of the wall in the laundry allowed for three wall cabinets with a bit of adjustment. The wall cabinets 1 x 300mm and 1 x 400mm fitted in perfectly up to a bulkhead. The laundry room has a bulkhead near the sliding glass door which provides access to the outside. 

The problem with the bulkhead was overcome by purchasing a 600mm slimline cabinet and fitting it sideways under the bulkhead, leaving it flush at the bottom with the other two wall cabinets, and fixed so that all three wall cabinets were screwed together.  

The 600mm slimline cabinet was finished off at the bulkhead using filler panel. This wall cabinet was then also simply modified for two shelves. 

I also wanted a large broom cupboard. This was not available but a 600mm Pantry unit was so it was purchased and adapted for broom storage and shelving. With these, all in place the 615mm wall space left was perfect for a wall hanging the clothes dryer. A 600mm base unit was purchased to hold an Everhard drop-in sink and the benchtop selected was kaboodle vanilla cream.

The finished product was better than I had hoped for and has impressed my friends when I have shown them. The photos say it all.”

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