Turn your kitchen into an urban jungle

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Learn about how to bring your herb garden inside and make your house that little bit greener, literally!

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How to turn your kitchen into an urban jungle!

Whether you live in a high rise one bedroom apartment or a large suburban home, your kitchen is always the centrepiece and it should be dressed accordingly. One of the biggest kitchen trends for 2017 and 2018 is the colour green, in any shade or form it comes in.

Green adds bold, fresh tones and textures to any environment and contrasts well with most colours. One of the easiest ways to incorporate a pop of green into your kitchen is to introduce an indoor herb garden. Here are our tips on how to do it yourself!

Showcase your planters

Your benchtop is a fantastic canvas for colour, whether it be long or short, it holds the potential to be the star of your kitchen. Placing a long or round luscious green planter on your benchtop will add a hint of vibrancy and a bold pop of colour to your kitchen. What’s more, you have some easily accessible goodness within arm’s reach.

Vertical gardens

Utilising a spare wall in the kitchen or living area and turning it into a living herb garden will provide you with a vibrant focal point for your kitchen area, as well as endless amounts of ingredients to add to your cooking. 

line of indoor kitchen herbs in pots
Get creative with chalk!

Transform your pots and jars

Take on a DIY job with your old terracotta pots that have been sitting in the garden for years and paint them with chalk paint to suit a rustic style kitchen space. Mason jars can also be easily transformed into stylish ornaments for your indoor herb garden and complement every kitchen style because of their clear versatile nature. 

Hang your plants

Hanging lights and ornaments in the kitchen has become an emerging trend this year, so why not hang your plants. Hanging planters in a minimalist corner or against a plain wall will enhance that particular area of your kitchen or dining space and create a lush green focal point.

Quick tips for the first time herb grower

Growing your own herbs can be daunting, the easiest and some of the yummiest herbs to grow indoors are mint, chives, parsley, thyme, rosemary and basil. Herbs need natural light in order to grow, so place them in a sunny spot in your kitchen and watch them bloom. We recommend planting your herbs in individual pots using a premium potting mix to ensure your herbs are nourished. Another common mistake is over watering your herbs, use minimal water and remember to keep on trimming them in order to stimulate further growth. 

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