preparing for your new kitchen

By Kaboodle

We have put together some tips to help you prepare your space for installation day.

Preparing your space is a vital step in your renovation. A detailed and adequate preparation will save you time and effort once it comes time to installing your kitchen. Correct preparation will also ensure you are as safe as possible when your kitchen becomes a worksite.

keep a clean and clear working environment

Ensure your new kitchen area is as clear and free of clutter as possible. There will be lots to unpack and assemble so you don’t want any confusion.

level your walls and cabinets

Always remember to check your walls are level before you install your new kitchen. If your walls are not level, add filler panels or re-plaster to bring them to square, this will allow a flush finish for your new kitchen cabinets. Most kitchen cabinets have adjustable feet which allow you to achieve a level finish on your base cabinets where your floor may be on a slight incline.

remove architraves where necessary to achieve a flush finish on your walls.

follow instructions

It sounds simple right? Instructions provide necessary safety guidelines which need to be followed. Following instructions will allow you to efficiently install your kitchen without unnecessary mistakes, costing you time and money.

use the correct tools

Here is a guide on what tools are generally required when installing a kitchen.

paint and plaster

Repair all plaster and paint your walls and ceiling before installing your new kitchen. It will be much easier to carry out these repairs in an empty room. Then, just touch up any extra spots as required.

check your water, power and gas services

You’ll need a qualified tradesperson to turn off your electricity, water and gas to your kitchen during the installation process.

seek assistance

When in doubt – seek further information from your kitchen provider’s website or call in a professional.

Don’t forget to download our kitchen renovation guide for more tips and tricks for your new kitchen project.

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