introducing our new doors and panels colours

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sure to amplify your interior palette, our new range of cabinetry colours evoke a sense of calm and serenity, with a curated collection of tonal schemes to suit any interior aesthetic

Our home is a place for us to live, work, play, relax and unwind. The interior palette of our homes is becoming more and more important, as we strive to create a space that is both inspiring and rejuvenating. We have introduced a collection of new door and panel colours, including a variety of timber-look woodgrains, muted greens, greys and shades of blue, to create the perfect tonal palette!

featured: salty oak doors and panels

timber revival

We’ve seen a serious resurgence of timber-look cabinetry as a statement feature shining through in design schemes – with the calming benefits of nature and natural elements in play, light and dark timber tones are adding an element of textural warmth, sensory appeal and character to kitchen spaces. As such, we have introduced five new premium melamine timber-look woodgrains to our collection!

salty oak

Providing an alternative, layered look to a white kitchen, its textured finish gives a realistic timber-look finish that will surprise you with its simplicity. Pair with matt whites, neutrals or stone colours for a timeless look that won't date!

featured: wattleseed doors and panels


With a boldness that immediately makes a statement! Wattleseed pairs perfectly with matt black or dark grey hues to really amplify its woodgrain qualities, or you can allow its warmth and simplicity to shine through on its own.

ghost ash

Couple with soft neutral tones or bring out its depth with different shades of white, grey or black. Ghost ash can be traditional, contemporary or industrial in its approach - just let your imagination run wild!

featured: hazelnut v doors and panels

hazelnut v

Accentuate this natural timber look by pairing it with whites, greys or blacks for a striking contrast. It will add warmth and texture to your kitchen without breaking the bank, complete with feelwood technology, enhancing its tactile qualities.

licorice twist

A texture just like natural timber and dark, sophisticated intensity that plays on what is truly contemporary. Choose a black on black theme, or contrast this with marble or stone looks in lighter hues. It's hard to look away once you set your sights on its colour and texture.

earthy tones

In addition to our five new timber-look colours, we have introduced a colour palette inspired by nature - think muted greens that are grounded in nature and earthy grey hues. These fresh, inspiring and humble tones are finding their way into peoples’ kitchens, and not just as accent colours. These colours are part of our premium range and are available in our modern and alpine profiles.  

olive grove

Bring tones that imitate nature into your kitchen space with this bold, natural colour with a hint of olive green. It can look sleek and modern when combined with stone looks, or warm and inviting when partnered with timbers.

featured: cardamom doors and panels


Looking for a soft, neutral stone colour that works well with timber and stone looks, or even on its own? This is a great alternative for a country or classic kitchen design when you want to feature a more subtle palette.


A soft neutral green with a slight grey tone that shines through when teamed with light or dark colours. It can be used for modern or classic styles when featured with timbers or marbles. It is colourful and highly versatile.

shades of blue and grey

Muted shades of blue and grey are key colours making their way into interior palettes. Creating a striking statement, our new blue and grey shades will bring a fresh, contemporary feel to an interior setting. These colours are part of our premium range and are available in our modern and alpine profiles.

danish blue

A pop of colour that can be added as an accent to your kitchen space, combining beautifully with whites and timbers. It’s gorgeous, subtle blue is sure to draw attention whether your design is classic or contemporary.

grey fig

If you like darker more sophisticated tones, this is the charcoal hue for you. It can be paired with stone or timber looks to create a bold statement whether your kitchen is industrial, contemporary or classic.

featured: poppy seed doors and panels

poppy seed

This dark and moody charcoal tone creates the ultimate in intensity and sophistication. Team it with warm timbers, marble and stone looks for the perfect contemporary kitchen design.

grey spice

This deep grey tone can be used to lift soft colours whilst also toning down bolder ones. Whether you team it with timber, marble or white, the end result is sure to be memorable. 

neutral charm

Finally, we have added four new colours to the range that appeal to a more neutral and classic palette. These colours can be used on their own or could be paired with more vibrant colours and textures to create a gorgeous two-tone effect.

feta whip v

A soft-to-touch, classic matt white tone with anti-fingerprint technology that offers a perfect solution for a modern and minimalist kitchen. Whether you pair it with solid colours, matt marbles or subtle woodgrains, it delivers a truly contemporary and striking aesthetic.

Tip: Hazelnut V and Feta Whip V are both perfect match colours, meaning that you can match your cabinetry and benchtops with these colours to create a truly seamless look.

featured: white pepper doors and panels

white pepper

This cool, grey tone is a timeless and elegant addition to any kitchen. It pairs well with whites and neutrals, as well as dark greys and blacks if you want to highlight its lighter side.

featured: wild garlic doors and panels

wild garlic

A great alternative to a classic white kitchen as it can achieve a perfect harmony between grey and white. It can be classic or contemporary when paired with timbers, marble or stone textures.

sour cream

Light and bright, sour cream works perfectly with any colour scheme to create a timeless aesthetic. 

Elevate your space with our new door and panel colours! For more inspiration and ideas, visit our design blog or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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