How to get more out of your space in 5 easy ways

By Kaboodle

Whether your kitchen is big or small, short or tall, storage can often be a problem. Here are some clever tips that’ll help you create a roomier DIY kitchen.

spacious kitchen with subway tile splashback and open shelving
How to get more out of your space in 5 easy ways.

Finding space in your kitchen can seem like a nightmare. Poorly designed kitchens can leave owners with little functionality and storage space. Lucky for you we’ve got quite a bit of knowledge about kitchens and we’re going to share some handy tips to help you get the most out of your space.

DIY shelving

Shelves are never used enough these days—and we’re left wondering why! They can go almost anywhere on your walls and are a simple and easy answer to all of your storage prayers. You can repurpose your benchtop offcuts or end panels to create something special in your kitchen. 

blind corner pull out basket extended from white kitchen cabinet
Blind corner pullout baskets utilise space well.

Corner cabinets

Often U-shape and L-shape kitchen designs can lose functionality and space because of their confined nature. Corner cabinets and blind corner cabinets are an excellent way to fill these difficult corner spaces without losing any storage in the process. We know that some people claim that corner cabinets themselves can waste a lot of space, BUT, not if the right wireware is used. Those hard to reach items will be fully accessible in no time with our range of corner cabinet wireware. You’ll be able to easily find that chocolate you hid from yourself at the back of the cupboard without the fear of anyone hearing you rummage around!


Making use of wireware in your cabinets and drawers is a fantastic way to organise your kitchen and maximise your storage space. Wireware gives everything its own place while also making those hidden items easily accessible. We have wire baskets that fit in blind corner cabinets and pantries to really maximise the use of your space. 

pull out kitchen bin
Pullout bins reduce clutter and odours.

Drawer inserts

It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Drawer inserts are such a simple accessory to include in your design—yet they are generally overlooked when it comes to planning your kitchen. They provide you with organised storage and improve overall kitchen functionality. You can’t go wrong with these babies and it’s definitely worth while including drawer inserts in your kitchen.


Waste bins

Storing your waste bins inside your cabinets will help to reduce the amount of cluttered items you have laying around your kitchen. A great way to conceal clutter as well as odours is by installing an integrated waste bin! Our kaboodle bins come in heaps of different types and sizes, so you will always find a garbage solution. 

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