Designing a butler’s pantry

By Kaboodle

A butler’s pantry is a great place to hide what’s not on show in your kitchen.

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Cleverly organise your pantry with labelled jars and canisters.

A butler’s pantry is the ultimate space to store all of your kitchen goods and can include a sink, oven and plenty of storage space. It all depends on how much space you have to work with and whether or not you’re renovating an existing kitchen, or starting from scratch. Budget also comes into play when you’re considering installing a sink in your butler’s pantry and are without any plumbing nearby.

Planning Tips to Consider

  • Make note of everything you’ll potentially be storing in your new pantry. Measure any large or awkward items, plan ahead and try and envisage a spot for these items in your design.
  • Store your appliances in an easy to access place and have them readily available for use if possible. A great way to do this is to have them plugging into power points. Remember to keep enough distance around them to allow for heat.
  • Task lighting. Think about your space and whether or not you’ll be using your butler’s pantry as a preparation area. If so, it’ll be important to keep this room well-lit and even incorporate under cabinet lighting into your design for that added convenience.
  • Focus on the design features of your butler’s pantry. Do you want the whole room to comprise of open shelves? Do you want to include base drawer cabinets for easy access and concealed storage.
  • Keep your elements consistent with your kitchen. Your pantry doesn’t have to be a replica of your kitchen but make sure it matches. This way, you’ll end up creating a nice flow and linking the two spaces together.  

kaboodle flat pack kitchens design blog - designing a butler's pantry kitchen inspiration
Tie your butler's pantry in with your kitchen.

  • If you only have a small amount of space to work with, try using open shelves instead of cabinets. Or you can even use base drawer cabinets and open shelves in the place of any wall cabinets.
  • Think about whether or not you’ll be able to see your butler’s pantry from outside the kitchen. If you’ve used open shelves in your design then your shelves will constantly be on display.  
  • Drawer base cabinets are perfect for storing large items as they’re really deep and have plenty of room to stack any long items too.
  • Keep your walkway to a minimum of 1000mm where possible.
  • Pack your shelves with canisters you can stack! Glass jars are also a great way to store your goods. 

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