2018’s top kitchen trends

By Kaboodle

Trends come and go, but this year some of our favourite trends seen in previous years are here to stay—and we’re not going to lie, we’re quite happy to see them again.

inspirational interior design trends for 2018
2018's top kitchen trends!

2018 is going to be a big year for trends and there’s a lot to catch up on. Bold accents, concrete and stone inspired looks, pink hues and raw timbers will be just a few major trends you will increasingly see across the interior design platform. Here at kaboodle we are laying the top trends for 2018 out for you.

Stone and concrete

Stone and concrete inspired surfaces promote sophistication and composure within the kitchen space. In 2018 we are seeing these surfaces take the form of polished concrete floors, tiles, kitchen benchtops, splashbacks and homewares. Concrete benchtops and concrete inspired kitchen cabinets are starting to emerge as a major trend since they follow a neutral colour scheme and add balance with a textured surface. Stone-inspired laminate splashbacks will also be appearing more in the kitchen space, and what makes them great is that they don’t come with the hefty price tag of natural stone. Using natural foundations such as concrete and stone also gives you the freedom to accessorise your space with bold tones such as black handles and gold fittings to add a sense of modern chic to your kitchen. 

Raw timber

Timber in its rawest form brings a calm natural element to any room, and what makes it more versatile is that you can use it within any colour scheme and it’ll work wonders. Raw timbers are increasingly appearing around you, if you walk into any restaurant you will almost certainly see a timber feature somewhere within that space, and people are now bringing this modern trend into their kitchens. A major focus of this trend is on lighter timber such as Victorian Ash or White Oak, embracing its knots and textured edges and leaving them untouched. Although lighter coloured timbers might be the focus don’t panic—dark coloured timbers are still occasionally appearing throughout the industry. Darker timbers are being used to make a strong statement, and set the mood of an interior space. Traditionally in the kitchen, timber comes in the form of benchtops, however this season you’ll see it also showcased on kitchen doors and homewares. And what better way to bring a raw, earthy tone to your home than by introducing a timber piece into your space!

raw timber new trends
Raw timber adds a natural element to any space.


green kitchen cabinet trend
Use our seafoam doors and panels to get this look.

One of the biggest trends for 2017 is here to stay, but with a twist. Green adds bold, fresh tones and textures to any environment and contrasts well with most colours. One of the easiest ways to incorporate a burst of green to your kitchen is through natural greenery. Natural greenery not only brightens up a space, but it is also environmentally friendly. But, if plants aren’t for you, a mild splash of green through your cabinets might be just what you were looking for. Our seafoam cabinet doors and panels will set a fresh, calm tone in your kitchen and when paired with raw timbers and matt black accessories they make for a modern look. 


Gold accents

Say goodbye to copper tones and say hello to brassy gold accents—a major development for 2018! Gold accents add a sense of class and are sure to make an impression no matter where they are located throughout a home. An easy way to include gold accents in your kitchen is through your fittings; taps, sinks, handles. A lot of designers are also incorporating gold tones into their kitchen designs, through cabinetry. Gold doors add a sense of modern chic to a kitchen when paired with basic neutrals. But if gold cabinetry doesn’t sound like you, try brassy shaker pendant lights, these make a classy statement and create a satisfying focal point in your kitchen. Mix and match gold tones with materials such as concrete, rustic timbers and marbles to create a lasting impression on anyone who sets foot in your home. 

golden accents on taps
Gold accents are sure to make a good impression.

Pink hues

Give your home a touch of Beverly Hills Hotel chic and incorporate pink hues within your kitchen and living spaces. Pink has always been a touchy subject for some, you either love it or you hate it! Mild shades of pink can add warmth to a room and give it a bit of extra spice. The easiest way to include pink within your space is through painting your walls. Try creating a feature wall in your dining space where other textures and tones can be added to create something special. Partner pink shades with natural greenery, marble and gold accessories to create something classy or long-lasting. Who knew a combination so simple could be so exquisite! 

pink inspiration for interior design
Beverly Hills Hotel inspired pink hues are in.


tile inspiration for your kitchen
These unique patterned tiles make a statement.

Patterned tiles have made a huge impression on the mainstream design market. More and more people are incorporating distinctive patterned tiles into their kitchen and bathrooms as statement pieces. The classic subway tile is here to stay for 2018 but with more variations of it expected. The classic white tile will never go out of fashion, but this year you will see darker versions paired with black grout appear in kitchen splashbacks for a contemporary twist. Herringbone tiles are also popular in the interior space this year, stemming from their traditional wooden floorboard style. Designers are now putting these onto walls for something a bit different. Small coloured penny tiles are also a great way to add dimension and a pop of colour to a room without overwhelming it. Tiles are a great way to add a bit of colour to your kitchen, especially if you don’t want to stray from traditional colour cabinets. Better yet—if you already have bold cabinets within your design then you can use patterned tiles to give off a bit more zing.

ultra violet bursts of colour with flowers
Ultra violet is Pantone's colour of the year.

Ultra Violet

Pantone’s colour of the year for 2018 is ultra violet. Ultra violet is a bold and strong purple that is aimed at evoking inventiveness and imagination in society in order to further develop and explore newer technologies and the greater world itself. A great way to incorporate this bold colour into your home interior is through your furniture and homewares. Try adding a statement chair in your kitchen surrounds and some bold purple placemats in your dining room. Another simple way to add this bright shade to your interior is through flowers. Dwarf iris’, lavender, violets and lilac’s all have fantastic purple tones. And they’re a brilliant way to add a temporary burst of colour! 

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